16 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:25

People combed grass at Belaruskali ahead of Lukashenka's visit


Salihorsk residents continue to discuss the visit of Lukashenka to the city.

The city authorities and Belaruskali managers of all levels are focused the instructions given by Lukashenka, while ordinary people discuss other things. They say how the city officials created the necessary picture to avoid unpleasant surprises during Lukashenka's visit, Tovarishch online reports.

“The road near the second potash unit was urgently coated with new asphalt ahead of the visit,” a worker administration says. “Workers were sent to clean the territory. They cleaned everything and were near to comb the grass.”

Workers of other mine administrations were also cleaning, painting and washing. Some say that workers of the fifth mine had to pull cornflowers on fields.

A worker of the third mine, who was present at the meeting with Lukashenka, says:

“Managers picked up people for the meeting beforehand. We had strict instructions. We were said not to ask our own questions. They also explained how we should stand and what expressions we should have on our faces. They almost searched us before the meeting. Those who were not allowed to attend it, were ordered to stay inside and keep a low profile. Lukashenka came with his youngest son and a lot of security guards.”

Another worker says he wasn't allowed to attend the meeting with the dictator. He mentioned the strict selection and added wasn't chosen probably because he has a police record.

The visit of Lukashenka was held without big incidents. However, one problem occurred: nine thujas were stolen from a flower bed near the road ring at night.

It is reported that the trees were planted on the occasion of Lukashenka's visit, but someone probably decided thujas would look better in his own garden. The police are investigating the incident.

Lukashenka visited Salihorsk on June 19, met with Belarukali top officials and staff and visited the production facilities.