20 January 2018, Saturday, 18:23

Occupation of Belarus starts with parade

Something similar was the case in 1939.

Having torn Poland apart, the brothers in arms paraded in conquered Brest. Side by side on the platform stood a red commander Krivoshein and a German general Guderian, while the red army and Nazi soldiers were marching along Brest streets.

While tanks’ tracks were clattering in the parade columns and toasts made to friendship, Wehrmacht’s field engineers measured Buh’s depth in the places of possible crossing points. The Germans knew well that soon they would be forcing this water barrier.

The time for that came very soon – on 22 June 1941.

The defeat was terrible. The losses were beyond count. It was Belarus that paid the highest price for the Kremlin’s ventures. We are still unable to come into senses.

However, in the new millennium countries, bordering on Russia, know no peace either. This time the enemy is Ukraine. You see, they do not like the leadership there, first of all the president. The one before that, with the golden bread loaf, was just right. The new one, elected in free elections, is no way suitable. They have grabbed a large piece of foreign land. Now they want more.

That is why not for a minute go silent the fights of this undeclared war. People keep dying. But the rating of the Cheka officer behind the Kremlin walls is growing incredibly. It is no longer possible to stop. They want to join more and more land, like in ancient times. An agreement gets singed, the Eurasian, seemingly Economic, Union gets created. Everyone knows the further steps: the ghost of the USSR comes back to Europe. First, so to speak, victory. How could this go paradeless?

There is even a suitable date – 3 July. Seventy years since Minsk has been liberated from the Nazis. According to the decision of the wise ruler – the Independence Day. In the new geopolitical reality it is just careless to celebrate it without Moscow being involved. You might get left with no gas and loans in this case. Truth it is – brothers in arms. They overcame Hitler together. There was no one else in that war eve. No Ukrainians, no Kyrgyz, no Georgians. Americans and Brits never came even close. Only us and the Russians. Now we will remember the memorable days – we will march together at a parade in Minsk.

If there is no way to deal without the eastern neighbor for tactical reasons, they could have asked Moscow for some Katyusha or T-34 for some time. Or the very flag, which, according to the official version, was installed over the destroyed Reichstag by the Russian and Georgian soldier bravery. They could have solemnly bring it along – why not a reminder of the long and hard war?

No way! Today’s rulers are not interested in all that. Really, what will we scary potential enemies with? That is why, according to preliminary data, powerful Russian military equipment will come to Belarusian capital. The Tiger armored vehicles. Iskander and C-400 rocket launchers. In addition to that, in order to shock the damned West, there will be strategic bombers Tu-160. This will be the parade. It is only unclear, whose it will be.

Russian media are filled with rumors that all the military equipment will be left here. Not because the neighbor is too generous. It is just that Belarusians are getting trained to recognize Russian presence. In order for the locals not to pull the collar too much.

The Drazdy ruler no longer gets asked for permission for this or that military unit to enter. They wanted to land their planes in the aerodrome in Babrujsk – they did. Later the ruler tried to play it as if it had been him who invited the planes to guard the hockey skies in the time of the world championship.

The Belarusian army has long turned into a simple military district of the neighboring state. There is no independence whatsoever. Everything from buttons to the color of the shoulder straps is made according to Russian templates. There is nothing of their own, but the idle talk on some mythical independence. What their owners in Moscow tell them, so it will be. At some point they agreed to allow just one Russian battalion for their maneuvers.

A picket of the European Belarus civic campaign came out in the central square then. No one else supported them. The picketers got circled, thrown into busses. Riot policemen brought Dzmitry Bandarenka down to the ground and kicked him for a long time. They were afraid of no one. They knew, no one will come to help the protesters. They never go together. Each party stands only for themselves here. There is no one to stand for Belarus.

The aggressors could still be stopped then. During the latest maneuvers Russia feared no one already. Its army practiced a nuclear strike at Warsaw. Its paratroopers practiced a sudden march towards our country’s western border. They did what they wanted. However, they no longer heard any voices of protest…

There nothing to be surprised about that strangers will be in command at the parade in honor of our alleged independence. There is nothing surprising. If we cannot find mutual understanding in order to defend our country, its faceless territory will be protected by mercenaries. This has always been like that. This is the price cowards have to pay for silence.

Uladzimir Khalip, specially for charter97.org