21 January 2018, Sunday, 5:42

Vakulchyk tells how KGB reads correspondence of Belarusians


The KGB chief read a report to the members of the parliament.

Almost every month Belarusian secret services detect correspondence between people, who share information on the Internet about “how to make explosive devices”. The statement was made by Belarusian KGB head Valery Vakulchyk at a meeting of the “house of representatives”, BelTA reports.

“Some make these devices for vandalistic purposes while some do it out of curiosity,” the KGB chief said. official. He emphasised that it poses a threat both to “bombers” themselves and whole society.

The KGB head also said during the Ice Hockey World Championship the secret services intercepted messages from one anonymous person to another that “a jar with of ammonite has been prepared and setting it off is the only thing left to do”. The KGB revealed with the help of the Russian colleagues that one of the persons was n Saint Petersburg and the other was in Belarus. The message turned out to be a joke. “But it was revealed later. We could not have figured it out on our own,” Valery Vakulchyk said.

Answering questions of an MP he said: “If they write to each other, it is not a criminal or administrative offence. If someone distributes information relating to the threat of a terrorist attack, he or she is subject to prosecution. I mean distributing information for the general public”.

The KGB chief did not specified the communication means the above mentioned persons had used and how the information was intercepted.