23 January 2018, Tuesday, 20:58

Police try to thwart protests of sole traders in Kastrychnitskaya Square


The police want Perspective organisation to inform them about the plans of sole traders in connection with new rules of work.

On June 23, Mikalai Charnavus from Baranavichy, a local activist of the organisation Perspective, had to give explanations to the police regarding a poster about the work of sole traders after Lukashenka's decree 222 that obliges sole traders to have documents confirming the purchase of goods.

Charnavus told BelaPAN news agency that the police asked about the poster that appeared at the market on June 13.

“According to the poster, sole traders plan to submit tax returns with zero income to the local tax office on June 30, meet with city authorities on July 1 to inform them that sole traders cannot work. If local officials don't hear us, we plan to go to Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk on July 3 to protest against decree No. 222. We also plan to register at the local unemployment centre on July 2,” Charnavus said.

The questions of the Baranavichy police show the authorities fear the trip of sole traders to Minsk, he thinks.

“But it is probably the only way to tell the authorities about our problems,” Charnavus said.

He added that on June 1, market traders had sent a collective letter to the Baranavichy district executive committee and the district cooperative society saying that they would not work from July 1.