16 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:45

After blasts in Ukraine RZD trains to detour via Belarus


The trains which were to travel through Donbas to Europe, are to bypass it via the territory of Belarus.

They are to make a detour of 1700 km, RIA Novosti writes.

RZD has agreed with its Ukrainian and Belarusian colleagues upon a detour via the territory of Belarus in connection with a blast of railroad tracks in Ukraine, the head of the Russian railway company Vladimir Yakunin informed.

On Tuesday early in the morning terrorists blew up two railroad sections in Luhansk region of Ukraine (which borders on Belgorod, Voronezh and Rostov regions of Russia). As a result, no one was injured; however the train traffic was disrupted.

According to the information of the Ukrainian news outlet TSN, it was planned to renew traffic in the afternoon, though it is not clear whether it has happened.

“We had to organize a detour after the blast. We have bring that into line with Ukrainian and Belarusian railway officials,” Yakunin, who is accompanying Vladimir Putin in his trip to Austria, said.

“At the moment trains are to take a detour of 1700 km, until the tracks restored there. Railway personnel do not need all that insanity with blasts and destruction of infrastructure,” Yakunin added.