20 January 2018, Saturday, 0:33

Semen Semenchenko: Negotiations with terrorist will lead to revolution in Ukraine


Negotiations between Medvedchuk, Kuchma, Shufrich and the terrorists will result in a revolution.

Semen Semenchenko, the commander of the legendary Donbas battalion, said that to gordonua.com as he commented on the three-party meeting in Donetsk and the participation of Leonid Kuchma, Viktor Medvedchuk and Nestor Shufrich in it.

“Negotiations between Medvedchuk, Kuchma, Shufrich and the terrorists will result in a revolution in Ukraine. People are extremely indignant and will not let it go just like that. What started as “we are giving the terrorists time to give up”, has grown into a TV-picture, in which the DPR flag could be seen, beneath which this whole bunch is sitting. Villains and criminals are negotiating among themselves – ones on our side, others – on behalf of DPR. This all will end in a people’s uprising – one cannot make fools of people in such a cynical way for so long”, - Semenchenko said.

In his opinion, the ceasefire will be prolonged for several days, then for several more, “while they will be preparing the public opinion to the thought: we should agree to their terms, so there is no war”.

Semenchenko also predicts that DPR will grow in its status up to a party at war, and under the slogan “Let’s hear Donbas!” there will be conserved their made-up obsolete system, some terrorists will be eliminated in the process, while all the rest will get legalized in the face of the Donbas that they have heard”.

“If all that we see is not a fake, than it is brings out so much indignation, that I have no words for that. Who gave the right to Kuchma, the father of corruption and the whole rotten system, to lead such negotiations?! People did not authorize him to that. As a citizen, I claim that these negotiations do not serve Ukraine’s national interests. I hope, our Commander in Chief knows what he is doing. Probably, this is some kind of a military trick”, - said the commander of the Donbas battalion.