16 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:32

Fans of Shakhtyor Salihorsk boycott team's matches


Fans protests against the police.

Shakhtyor supporters took a decision to boycott home matches of their team, they write on a page on VKontakte social network. They released an appeal to all active fans of Shakhtyor Salihorsk.

“Taking into account the complicated relations with the law-enforcement representatives, we will not support Shakhtyor at home matches. We are tired of being under constant pressure from people in police uniform. They allow people to attend matches on the principle 'you can go, but you can't because I don't like you'. Attending the stadium can lead to 15 days in custody for many of our guys, and even policemen say so. You can see the results of their hard work: the number of fans has reduced by half for the last few months. We don't need football like this! We call on everyone not to attend the stadium and the fifth sector unless the problem is solved. If they say the stadium is not a place for entertainment, but a controlled facility, let them guard empty stands.

However, we cannot leave the favourite team without our support, so we call to attend away matches. Fans are not criminals!” the appeal reads.

Fans of other Belarusian football clubs also reported about the outrageous behaviour of policemen during games.