18 January 2018, Thursday, 18:53

Aliaksandr Makayeu: Business of sole traders will be destroyed without their solidarity


Lukashenka's decrees eliminates small business in Belarus.

The well-being of tens of thousands of people and their families is under threat, Aliaksandr Makayeu, the chairman of the coordinating committee of Minsk sole traders, told Radio Racyja.

“Sole traders of Vitebsk, Babruisk, Slutsk and Mahilou file zero income tax returns by June 28, 2014. It means they won't work in July. Unfortunately, Minsk didn't join them. Only few people know about it. I hope for solidarity of sole traders of Belarus. If we don't have solidarity of all traders, their business will be destroyed,” he says.

From July 1, sole traders must have certificates and supporting documents on all their goods, also those imported from the Customs Union. They say the requirement cannot be fulfilled.

The authorities promised sole traders that they would be able to sell the remaining goods without certificates until March 15, 2015.