22 January 2018, Monday, 10:52

US urge Belarus to cancel “serfdom law” decree


The US government urges Belarus to cancel the decree adopted in December 2012.

It is stated in the new annual report of the US Department of State “Trafficking In Persons”, AFN reports.

This decree prohibits dismissing workers of some enterprises for the period of implementation of projects on modernization of production.

Besides, the US recommends stepping up activities aimed at investigation of incidents of compulsory labour and prostitution, and to apply Article 181 of the Criminal Code of Belarus more often to punish people responsible for human trafficking.

The US also urge the authorities of Belarus to increase expenditures on assistance to victims of human trafficking and their protection in Belarus, in state-run centres of protection, as well as through state financing of the non-governmental organisations, which offer protection to victims in private shelter-care facilities.