22 January 2018, Monday, 9:02

Putin’s Adviser insulted Ukrainian President


Sergey Glazyev called Petro Poroshenko “a Nazi”.

According to Vladimir Putin’s aide, the EU-Ukraine association agreement which is expected to be signed, is “illegitimate”, as well as the new Ukrainian president himself.

It is expected that Petro Poroshenko is to sign the EU association agreement on Friday at the summit in Brussels. Sergey Glazyev stated that Europe is trying to force Ukraine to sign this document, BBC reports.

“They have orchestrated a military coup in Ukraine, they have helped the Nazi to come to power. This Nazi government is bombing the largest region of Ukraine,” the adviser of the Russian president said.

To the direct question of the reporter whether he considers Petro Poroshenko a Nazi as well, Glazyev answered: “Certainly.”

"I think after the signing of the agreement with EU, [the] European public will be... surprised when this Nazi Frankenstein, which was born by the Euro bureaucrats and some politicians, will knock on the European countries' doors," Glazyev said.

He said Poroshenko was an "illegitimate" president because large parts of Ukraine did not vote in May's elections.