23 January 2018, Tuesday, 19:18

“Private military companies” to attack neighbouring states for Russia


MPs, experts, activists and veterans urge to allow opening private military companies amid the events in Ukraine.

The relative bill was proposed to Pskov regional parliament as a Russian national legislative initiative and sent to the bodies of the federal authorities, Russian politologist Maria Butina write on her blog on Ekho Mosckvy website.

Authors of the initiative want the Russian authorities to allow the activity of “private military companies” as an urgent measure to help their countrymen in neighbouring countries. The companies are non-state military organisations having the right to use combat weapons and carry out military operations outside the country, where the use of state troops could be a problem.

“More than 700 volunteers from Russia took part in combat action in Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Activity on a larger scale in closer territories is inevitable, but having no opportunities to use the regular army, the Russian government must create favourable legislative basis for similar solidarity of non-state military organisations, which activity is prohibited now. PMC are actively used in most developed countries. So, it will be impossible to blame Russia. This is the minimum support we should offer amid the Ukrainian crisis,” the politologist writes to support the idea of establishing private military companies.