18 January 2019, Friday, 9:44
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Belarusian propagandists recognise annexation of Crimea

Pro-governmental media publish the map of Ukraine without the peninsula that was occupied by Russia.

That is how the blue and yellow map of Ukraine looks like on the cover of the latest issue of Planeta magazine. Deputy editor-in-chief Tatsyana Murauyova said on the phone it had been made by accident, Nasha Niva writes.

“We didn't pursue the aim of solving political issues when we were making the cover... You should understand that if we chose another cover, it would raise the question why we have chosen it. The article is about the continental part of Ukraine. It doesn't cover the Crimean issues,” she said.

Planeta, a social and political magazine published by Beltransgaz company, has been the mouthpiece of the official authorities since its foundation. Odious Usevalad Yancheuski, Lukashenka's aide, head of the main ideological department of the president's administration, former founder and head of BPSM (the pro-Lukashenka youth organisation), was the editor of the magazine in 2005-2007.

Planeta usually covers the events in the world using anti-American and anti-western rhetoric. It sometimes occurs that articles are published without names of authors. There is no name of the author under the article “Clans of Ukraine” in the latests issue.