21 January 2019, Monday, 13:47
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Beltelekom cannot make friends with Google

The problems of ByFly users do not get solved in years.

The charter97.org web-site learnt that from a reader in Baranavichy.

“For a second day in a row Google refuses to make a search and redirects to a page, where there is a link to the description of suspicious traffic on the part of the provider. The search engine gives out the following message: “We're sorry... ... but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now”. It is far not the first time that this happens”, - he pointed out.

The problem is that Belarus is on spam-lists, while the Republican Unitary Enterprise Beltelekom (trademark ByFly) uses the so-called NAT setting (Network Address Translation – modification of network addresses). The provider tries to save on renting the minimum number of IP-addresses, while gives the same IP to all the users. When they are simultaneously trying to use the search engine, Google thinks these are robots or spam.

Unfortunately, a charter97.org reporter did not manage to get a comment from Beletelekom, since all the support-service phones were stubbornly silent.

A year ago the company claimed that the problem had nothing to do with the NAT setting:

“Due to the information on a number of information resources on problems with accessing Google services as a result of the implementation of the NAT technology for IP-addresses distribution, Beltelekom has analyzed the situation and informs users.

The results of the analysis show that the problem is not caused by the NAT. Currently the NAT technology has only been implemented in Minsk, while the problems had been there in a number of other regions of the country as well. The termination of access to Google services from a certain group of IP-address intervals was caused by Google’s spam list policy.

Currently the problem of IP blockage has been solved. Google has restored access to its resources for Belarusian users. Beltelekom is working with Google specialists on localization of the use of the said instrument and prompt notification of the parties of possible improper increase in internet-traffic”.