19 January 2018, Friday, 16:32

Author of “Little Conspirator” presents a book about Poland’s future


“An Alternative Exists” – it’s a title of the new book by Polish publicist and politician Czesław Bielecki.

Its presentation was held in Warsaw on June 2, a reporter of charter97.org informs.

“It is a book about the most important things we hadn’t done over the period of 25 years since the downfall of Communism. About the things without which our freedom and independence are still too fragile,” the author writes in the introduction.

According to Czesław Bielecki, today’s state administration of Poland, its judicial system, national defense do not guarantee the country the place in Europe it aspires. Among other things, he sees the way out in preparation of new political elite of the country.

“Over these 25 years a new generation of fantastic people who are open for the world has grown up. They know and understand this world. At the same time, Poland has one of the oldest political elites in Europe. That is why I’m writing that we need leaders of “A” class, as they are to be a magnet for workers of “A plus” class around. Many politicians of B class we are seeing at TV screens now, feel best of all when they are among people of C and D class. If we want a strong Poland, it should be defended from those who are content with very little,” said at the presentation of his book.

One of the key topics of the event was the current situation in Eastern Europe after the occupation of Crimea by Russia. Czesław Bielecki is convinced that for the well-being of Poland in the future, more attention should be given to issues of defence.

“In the chapter “Security, discipline and civil defense” it is said that the armed forces should become the second platform after the secondary school where a person is taught to become a citizen, who understands what the combination of freedom and discipline, rights and obligations are. Today the army is not an organisation which takes part in educating young people to defend motherland. However, we can prepare all volunteers who are able to carry arms, to defend their state,” he said.

Czesław Bielecki took part in the struggle against the Communist regime in his country since the 1960ies, he was arrested several times. During the time of the Martial law in the People's Republic of Poland Czesław Bielecki wrote a book “Mały konspirator” (The Little Conspirator), which was translated in numerous languages and is still one of the best textbooks for organizing non-violent resistance in the conditions of underground. In 1985 Czesław Bielecki went on a hunger strike in prison. After the downfall of the Communist regime he was an advisor of Poland’s President Lech Wałęsa, and was also elected to the Sejm of the country (the Parliament).