17 January 2019, Thursday, 4:46
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Former policeman sues head of Astraviec police department


A retired policeman from Astraviec has appealed to the prosecutor and the Human Rights Federation.

Ivan Kruk informed the charter97.org of that in a letter.

According to him, on 12 May 2014 the head of Astraviec police department Uladzimir Kvach illegally and groundlessly denied him obtaining a copy of the decision of the Astraviec district electoral commission as of 20 February 2014 as well as copies of other documents of the inspection on the case, started on his appeal as of 28 March 2014.

On 28 March 2014 Ivan Kruk submitted an open appeal addressed to the prosecutor of Astraviec district as to the illegal activities of certain members of the Astraviec district electoral commission, who denied him registration as a candidate for Astraviec district council. The appeal sought for a full inspection to be held of the guilty and holding them responsible according to the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

On 1 April 2014 Ivan received a written response, singed by the prosecutor, saying that the appeal had been sent to the head of Astraviec police department. In two weeks the deputy chairman of the department sent a notification, saying that the “inspection had been held” and the decision was made to terminate it. The document suggested that the applicant studied the inspection documents at the police department. The pensioner was strictly denied making copies of the explanatory letters and the conclusion, which he intended to use to further appeals. The explanation stipulated that Ivan Kruk “touched upon the personal interests of former members of the electoral commission Hrabouskaja E.S., Pashuk A.V., and the voters Zhebit J.A., Remis A.A., Savuk M.D., Falevich S.J. and Cubulski N.G., so he needed to ask for their permission to make copies of their letters among the inspection documents”.

“To that I noted that I did not disturb their private interests, while they did violate my Constitutional right and the electoral rights of my voters. That is why there are not personal interests involved, but this is a public and political issue”, - Ivan Kruk points out in his appeal to the prosecutor of Astraviec district.

He believes that in the actions of the head of the Astraviec police department there are all signs of an administrative violation under the article 9.6 of the Administrative Code and of the violation of the article 56 of the Code of civil procedure of the Republic of Belarus, as well as articles 7 and 9 or the law of the Republic of Belarus “On appeals by citizens and legal persons”. Against this background the pensioner requests that a protocol be composed on the violations against the head of the Astraviec police department, so he gets put on trial and held responsible. Ivan Kruk also insists that the copies of all the documents that he needs be provided.