19 January 2018, Friday, 6:30

Market traders to hold strike in Vitebsk on June 5


Market traders of Vitebsk are ready to go to the end in the struggle for their right.

Iryna Yaskevich, the chairwoman of the organising committee to create the trade union of sole traders, said it in an interview with charter97.org.

– Lukashenka has recently signed decree No. 222 that bans sole traders to sell goods without certificates and accompanying documents from July 1. How did Vitebsk sole traders react to it? What do they plan to do?

– We have prepared an appeal to Lukashenka. On June 5, like a year ago, we will close our working places. It will be a one-day warning strike. Our first demand will be creating equal conditions for sole traders of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Sole traders cannot be treated like big businessmen. Sole traders are workers. We pay more taxes than, for example, a small firm or a loss-making company.

If we see no results, we will file tax returns with zero income from June 20. We will say that we won't pay taxes in July. If nothing changes, we will have to stop working from July 1, because these working conditions are impossible. If some market traders think they can sell the remaining goods, they don't read the documents carefully.

– The decree returns the right to hire workers. Will it sweeten the pill?

– Slow help is no help. This right was returned too late. Sole traders already work in trading places of 6 square metres, which I call six-metre cells, destroyed their business partially and reduced their demands to minimum. The authorities should talk to sole traders. It is more important that returning the old rights.