17 January 2018, Wednesday, 4:22

Whistle of the forum took all the steam there was


The Forum of sole traders was held in Minsk.

Belarusian sole traders ask the government of the country to announce moratorium on inspections which are to check complying with the requirements that goods should have accompanying documents, and the requirements of Technical regulations for consumer goods; and also on confiscation of goods.

An appeal concerning these issues is contained in the resolution passed on Monday in Minsk during the Forum of Sole Traders, organized by “Perspektiva” association, “Interfax-Zapad” reports.

As the leader of the association Anatoly Shumchanka said presenting the document, it is proposed “to launch a campaign in the regions of the country on collection of signatures under this resolution.”

In this document the Forum of sole traders offers “to impose a moratorium on confiscation and inspections following execution of the Decree #222 (on accompanying documents) and to continue the search for a joint resolution to the accompanying documents problem.”

Besides, sole traders insisted on imposing “moratorium on confiscations and inspections in the framework of operation of the Technical regulations (for consumer goods) in relation to sole traders who are engaged in retail trade, due to mass noncompliance with these rules in the countries which are trade partners in the Customs Union.”

Participants of the forum also find it necessary to set up “an institute of the Commissioner on Protection of the Rights and Legitimate Interests of Sole traders under the President” in Belarus, who is “to be recommended by the business community.”

In addition, the sole traders believe that relevant ministries should step up the work of the dialogue platforms for solution of problems related to sales of domestic goods by sole traders, creation of wholesale traders, and customs clearance. At the same time, they are convinced that it is necessary to revive the working group on entrepreneurship problems under the Ministry of Trade.

Sole traders also hope for direct talks with Lukashenka’s administration in order to “exclude intermediaries represented by governmental officials, so that the realistic and objective information from the business community could be received by the head of state, as well as proposals of businessmen on stabilization and development of the home market of the country.”

It is underlined in the document that “sole traders propose a dialogue to the authorities, but the authorities would not consent to that.” “Instead of wide and comprehensive discussion with the business community and adoption of a document which would suite everyone, a narrow circle of advisors saying yes to everything and everyone, had been selected, and the decree which contradicts interests of the small business has been approved. Those who have nothing in common with small business, have agreed everything for tem again, and as a result sole traders do not know how to live and work in the new conditions,” the resolution reads.

It is also stated that “sole traders know recipes of coming out of the crisis in the problem issues of economy and are ready to lend the shoulder.” “We need a strong, responsible and professional government, in cooperation with which thorny issues of the economic policy of the state could be solved,” emphasizes the resolution.

The sole traders have also come out with a proposal to organize and hold in the nearest future the first national congress of businessmen in Belarus to carry out a sincere and open dialogue.

As it has been informed, since July 14, 2014 the transition period concerning consumer goods on the territory of the Customs Union expires. Until this date consumer goods can be sold on the grounds of the documents issued in compliance with national framework issued before July 1, 2012 – certificates of conformity, declarations of conformity issued by a manufacturer or vendor. Besides, marking of goods by national signs, information from the Unified Register of the Customs Union on certificates and declarations are considered supporting documents as well.

Besides, according to the Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology, sole traders can work with supporting documents to goods with information about the abovementioned national documents and documents issued under a common format.

It is envisaged that the stock in trade available for July 1, 2014, could be sold after this date when the abovementioned documents, information and marking are present.

Sole traders have a right to confirm conformity of goods, which had not undergone the procedure of acknowledging conformity under the requirements of the Technical Regulations, independently. However the goods violating the requirements of the Belarusian laws on Customer Right Protection could not be offered for certification or registered for declaration.

Photo by BelaPAN