21 January 2018, Sunday, 3:46

Andrzej Poczobut: Pralyaskouski lost war with online media


It has become the reason for his dismissal.

Charter97.org website has been informed about that by a reporter of Polish Gazeta Wyborcza, a former political prisoner Andrzej Poczobut.

- Today Lukashenka has relieved Aleh Pralyaskouski of the post of Information Minister. How do you think why? Pralyaskouski had occupied this position since 2009.

- Pralyaskouski is a person who had been involved in provision of propagandistic services to the regime over the recent years, as well as in struggle with independent mass media. He was an adherent of harsh actions, as it is usual for people who worked for security services. But he had not any outstanding success recently. The greatest problem of the Belarusian authorities is internet, and Pralyaskouski proved ineffective there. The government has not been able to create any popular media outlet. So that is why Pralyaskouski’s star is set.

- And what’s next? Will he be just filed away in storage or transferred to another cosy armchair in a high office?

- As a loyal man, he might be needed at some other front. Lukashenka’s staff policy is like this, it’s reshuffling of the same pack of playing cards.

- What could be expected after another Lukashenka’s errand boy’s appointment: higher or lower pressure on mass media, including online ones?

- Lukashenka is in a difficult situation: the crisis is exacerbating, and the regime does not have any meaningful way out. So the best outcome is a clampdown. So no matter who is going to take Pralyaskouski’s seat – we cannot expect any easing of requirements.