21 January 2018, Sunday, 13:53

Dictator's advisor becomes Amkodor general director


Siarhei Tkachou replaced Valery Kandratchyk, who became one of the two first deputy directors.

The former advisor of the dictator came to Amkodor holding company in August 2012. Siarhei Tkachou, who had been sacked from the Lukashenka administration a week before, was appointed first deputy general director. Valery Kandratchyk has been the general director until recently, Yezhednevnik writes.

Many former government officials work in the management of Amkodor, which is now headed by Siarhei Tkachou, other Amkodor's subsidiaries and affiliated companies with oligarch Aliaksandr Shakutsin as the main owner.

Another first deputy general director of Amkodor, Aliaksandr Nakhayenko, is a former chairman of the BRSM (a pro-Lukashenka youth organisation). The management also includes Siarhei Radaman, a former deputy chairman of the Minsk city executive committee. Mikalai Kostsen (former general director of Avtogydrousilitel and MAZ), Ivan Shcherba (former minister of transport and communication) and others work in the holding company and subsidiaries.