19 January 2018, Friday, 0:12

Police involved in shooting at Mercedes on Bangalore Square?


Eyewitnesses claim one person was killed.

A strange incident happened in early hours of June 5 on Minsk's Bangalore Square. A number of Internet media reported about a shooting at a Mercedes car on Bangalore Square and a dead body near the car. Law-enforcement bodies deny the information and say a group of drug dealers was detained. They say no one was killed.

According to Yulia Hancharova, a spokesperson for the Belarusian Investigation Committee, “there was no killing on Bangalore Square”.

Aliaksandr Lastouski, a spokesman for the Minsk police, told BelTA: “There was no shooting in Minsk this night. It was a routine arrest of a drug dealer.”

“Five young men were detained this night on Bangalore Square in Minsk on suspicion of illegal drug dealing as a result of a special police operation carried out by officers of the drug control and human trafficking department of the Frunzenski district police department and officers of Almaz special task group,” the information and public relations department of the Minsk police says.

According to the police, “the main drug dealer (born in 1997) was in a Mercedes car. The police blocked the vehicle on Banglore Square. The police officers used special instruments to break the armoured car windows. The driver and the passengers (born in 1994-1997) were arrested in the act during a drug sale.”

The head of the drug control and human trafficking department, Kanstantsin Liashkevich, said the police seized more than 20 grammes of psychotropic substances.

The actions by the detained men, two of whom appeared to be ordinary drug users who wanted to buy some drugs, are being evaluated from a legal point of view.

However, another version of the incident exists.

“I've seen some unclear activity on Bangalore Square. Many police officers, a Mercedes car stands in the middle of the road and a dead body is said to be near it,” user Zigler wrote on a forum on onliner.by.

The website's correspondent reported from that the car with damages looking like bullet holes could be seen at the site.

As the website has learnt, a dark-blue Mercedes S-Class with the number plate of the seventh region was involved in the incident. About ten holes resembling bullet holes were seen on the right side window and the windscreen. It was standing in the far left lane. Eyewitnesses say a body of a man, which was later removed, was near the car. Glass fragments, traces of blood and gloves of forensic scientist remained at the site of the incident.

This information was confirmed by a number of Internet media.