20 January 2018, Saturday, 12:25

KGB Lieutenant Colonel: Vakulchik tries to justify mass arrests of oppositionists


The statement of the State Security Committee’s Chairman on preparation of a terrorist attack in Minsk looks incredible.

Such an opinion has been expressed in an interview to charter97.org by a former counterintelligence agent and reserve Lieutenant Colonel of KGB Syarhei Anisko:

- Yesterday Chairman of the KGB (the State Security Committee of Belarus) stated that a terrorist attack during the Ice Hockey World Championship had been prevented in Minsk. The terrorist attack allegedly had been prepared at the territory of the EU”. To which extent is it real?

- If after this phrase Valery Vakulchyk (Vakulchik), Chairman of the KGB of Belarus, would say that a criminal case had been opened, and suspects are detained as a part of this case, it would be certainly look more convincing.

As for a possible preparation of a terrorist act in Poland, it should be noted that Vakulchyk had not revealed the nationality of the person who had been preparing it. It could have been planned by a Pole, a Belarusian, or, sorry, a Papuan. Terrorism does not have any certain nationality now. So everything is possible, but it has been said by Chairman of the KGB in the way which generates doubts immediately.

- Could this statement be an attempt to justify mass arrests of opposition activists, everything was done to prevent a terrorist attack and guarantee security of people?

- In general, if we follow the history of performed terrorist attacks, as a rule they are staged during momentous events, so that terrorists could announce that later. For instance, the blast in Moscow metro in 1977 organized by a group of Armenians, abduction and murder of members of Israeli Olympic team in Munich, a terrorist attack before the Olympic Games in Seoul. So no wonder a terrorist act could have been connected to the Ice Hockey World championship.

Yet another thing is that Belarusian members of security agencies, mostly of the Interior Affairs Ministry, dashed to seize dissenters. It certainly reeks of a typical Soviet Union. I recall the Olympic Games in 1980, the Youth Festival in 1985, where I took part as a student of Novosibirsk Institute of Railway Transport, though I was serving in the KGB already, and it happened in Moscow. But I would like to stress that, though I do not really like this championship very much, the World Championship has happened without any serious incidents.