21 January 2018, Sunday, 3:45

Major of Operative Analytical Centre infiltrated into BPC management


Aliaksandr Paliakou (Alexander Polyakov), a major of the Operative Analytical Centre (OAC), was appointed deputy general director of Belarusian Potash Company (BPC).

An officer of the Operative Analytical Centre under the aegis of Lukashenka, Aliaksandr Paliakou, was infiltrated into the management of the world's biggest mineral fertilisers trader, blogger d-zholik writes.

Major Paliakou before and after the infiltration

A photo of major Paliakou wearing the OAC uniform was taken shortly before a secret operation to infiltrate him into the top management of Belarusian Potash Company, the blogger writes.

Aliaksandr Paliakou had been working undercover as a deputy general director of BPC, but he was downgraded at the time of writing the article to a deputy general director for sales and marketing.

Aliaksandr Paliakou (under cover), first deputy general director of BPC

The infiltration of Paliakou into the management of the world's leading fertiliser trader was sanctioned by Lukashenka's aide for national security Viktar Lukashenka. According to the legend, Paliakou is a businessman. However, Aliaksandr Paliakou was and remains an officer of the Belarusian secret services.

As a result, all foreign businessmen and citizens who, without their knowledge, had any contacts with the undercover officer of the Belarusian secret services will attract attention of counter-intelligence agencies of their countries as the persons posing a threat to the national security.

It's also worth noting that being responsible for sales, contracts and taking part in business negotiations, officer Paliakou visits foreign countries on business and thus represents a good object for recruiting by foreign intelligence agencies as an employee with working experience in several Belarusian secret agencies (OAC and KGB) holding a high position in the company that sells mineral fertilisers in the world market, which is now in an uncertain situation.

On the order of the KGB chief, Aliaksandr Paliakou was awarded with the medal “90th Anniversary of the State Security Bodies of Belarus” for achievements in work.