17 January 2018, Wednesday, 14:01

Oppositionist, who was on hunger strike in prison, is forced to pay

A Homiel resident Jury Rubcou has been billed for 1.6 million roubles.

The opposition activist was discharged from the hospital, where he got after a 30-day arrest and a hunger strike behind bars, Radio Svaboda reports.

“I feel well now, although there are still some health problems. On 9 June I am going to come back to work”, - Jury Rubcou said.

The activist was detained in Minsk after the Chernobyl Slakh manifestation for wearing a T-shirt with a print saying “Lukashenka, go away”. His was charged with hooliganism and insubordination to police and imprisoned for 25 days. The T-shirt was confiscated.

After having served the arrest time in Minsk, Rubcou returned to Homiel, but could not reach his house. At dawn he was taken by riot police, accused of fault language in public yet again and taken to jail. The court of Homiel’s Railways district sentenced Rubcou to another 5-day arrest.

On 6 June Jury Rubcou appealed to Homiel district court against the illegal actions of the policemen and the district court. He also appealed to the head of Minsk city police department, demanding that an official investigation was held over the fact of the confiscation of the T-shirt with “Lukashenka, go away” prints, and also to dismiss the bill for food from the jail in Akrescina Street in Minsk.

“I was on hunger strike, and now they want me to pay 1 million 650 thousand roubles for food. It is even hard to tell where such an amount comes from for skilly that the prisoners were fed on. At the hospital I learnt that it is roughly the salary of a nurse after taxes. There you have the socially oriented economy! There you have the support of the Belarusian economic model in elections”, - Jury Rubcou said.