16 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:41

Lukashenka frightens Belarusians by thugs


Dictator says he «will never let the West run the show in Belarus».

Lukashenka gave an interview to Serbian mass media – the Politika daily and the state television and radio company Radio Television of Serbia on 9 June.

He told the Serbian mass media about the underpinnings of Belarus' sustainable social and economic development, the impact of the financial and economic crisis, relations with the European Union and NATO, cooperation prospects between Belarus and Serbia.

Commenting on the West's criticism of Belarus' policy, Lukashenka noted: “This helps us keep going and maintain stability in the country”.

“I often emphasize that it is more important for me that a young mother will be able to go out late in the evening and take her baby for a walk without being afraid that some thugs will stop her and start torturing. I want families to have a decent living, give birth to kids. It is more important for me than to go to the European Union and crack a smile there,” Lukashenka said.

“Why would I be mad at the West? I understand very well what they want from me and what they want from Belarus. I will never agree to that and I will never let them run the show here,” he noted.