17 January 2018, Wednesday, 11:42

Source: Zhylin got arrested at home by people in mufti


There has been no information on the fate of the former head of the Belneftekhim for 10 days.

Charter97.org’s source insists that the head of the Belneftekhim concern was arrested at home on 1 July.

It has not been possible to officially confirm or disprove the information for already 8 days. That Zhylin was arrested and taken into custody, the charter97.org’s reported on 2 July.

In a couple hours after that the government’s resolution no. 631 as of 30 June 2014 on the dismissal of Ihar Zhylin as the head of the concern was published on the web-site of the National Center for Legal Information of Belarus, although on 1 July Zhylin still congratulated the workers of the petrochemical industry on the Day of the Republic. The reason for the dismissal was not state in the resolution.

On 7 July, on the first working day after the holidays, the charter97.org attempted to learn about the fate of the official at the Prosecutor General’s office.

“We are not yet giving comments on that”, - they said to the charter97.org at Belarus Prosecutor General’s office. To the qualifying question, whether it was possible to obtain a comment on the topic from the Investigatory Committee, the representative of the Prosecutor General’s office said: “No, because we are not commenting on this yet”.

Today, on 10 July, our journalist managed to speak to a representative of the Investigatory Committee of Belarus.

To charter97.org reporter’s question whether criminal charges were brought against Ihar Zhylin and whether he was arrested, the head of the information department of the Investigatory Committee Siarhiej Kabakovich emphasized that he did not have any information regarding the fate of the former head of the Belneftekhim after his dismissal.

“It is all quite simple and, may be, not simple to a certain degree. Because I do not currently have information as to what is happening with Zhylin. As soon as I have any, we will definitely publish it”, - he said.

We keep monitoring the fate of former head of the Belneftekhim.