21 January 2018, Sunday, 17:09

Football player of Shakhter Salihorsk arrested for 4 months


Uladzimir Yurchanka (Vladimir Yurchenko) was imprisoned for evasion from serving punishment.

“Tribuna” website was told about that by the press-service of Internal Affairs Department of Minsk regional executive committee.

A football player of Shakhter Soligorsk (Salihorsk) and a former frontman of the youth team of Belarus Uladzimir Yurchanka was sentenced to 4 months for evasion from serving punishment. Allegedly, he was detained by traffic police for driving without driver’s licence, and he could not pay the fine on time. It is known that Yurchanka had similar problems with traffic police before.

About a month ago the football played was detained by policemen during training. He didn’t take part in Shakhter games after that.

It is known that today Yurchanka has been transferred to the prison in the town of Zhodzina for serving the sentence.