23 January 2018, Tuesday, 17:13

Ministry of Sports: There is not enough money

There is not enough money for biathlons (3 billion roubles), speed skating (1.7 billion) and rowing (4 billion).

This came from the first deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism of Belarus Aliaksandr Hahijeu at the meeting to hear reports and elect new officials of the Belarusian Handball Federation on 10 July.

The funding of handball, according to him, accounted to 123% of the planned amount, BelaPAN reports.

He emphasized that in the recent eight years, in which the federation’s head has been Uladzimir Kanaplou, the financial situation at clubs has improved, the federation started investing more funds. Hahijeu admitted the existence of financial problems in this sport, but speaking of the relations with the federation, he acknowledged: “Whoever pulls, gets the load”.