23 January 2018, Tuesday, 3:06

“Prison drawings”: Death sentence as viewed by executioner (Video)


How is the execution carried out?

Only victims and executioners know it. But the executed people cannot describe it. Aleh Akayeu, who was the chief of detention facility No. 1 in Minsk in 1996-2001 and saw 134 executions, tells activists of the campaign Human Rights Defenders Against Death Penalty in Belarus about the procedure, Viasna human rights centre writes.

Viktar Tratsyakou made a video in the style of prison drawings based on Aleh Alkayeu stories.

Aleh Alkayeu says the stress after the execution “cannot be compared with anything”. During the first execution, time slows down for the executioner. He also experiences other symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder.

“Time slows down... You see all parts of the gun. You see a bullet flying out of the gun like in slow motion... I asked others, and all say they felt the same. Everything, including the gun, worked as usual during other executions. New members of the group were not allowed to come close to the scene, they watched the process at a distance at first. This is a murder. And a murder never goes unpunished,” he said.