20 January 2018, Saturday, 20:11

Arsen Avakov: Grit your teeth, attack enemy and do everything to win


The interior minister of Ukraine says how to defeat Putin.

Arsen Avakov wrote on Facebook how the Ukrainians can confront terrorists from Russia.

“Ruined and weakened Ukraine is an opportunity for Putin to prolong his dictatorial term in Russia and implement his paranoid imperial plans. Therefore the flame of war in the Donbas region continues to burn. Therefore Russian tanks, armoured personnel carriers and Putin mercenaries are crossing the border. This is what we should do. Every of us should stop lamenting that 'everything is lost', that we don't receive aid, that we don't have thermal-imaging cameras, sights and cozy hammocks. Shut up! Grit your teeth! Attack the enemy! Do everything possible to defeat the enemy,” the minister wrote.

Arsen Avakov called on the Ukrainians to act without excessive self-criticism and the little brother syndrome.

“Put aside ceremonies. This is the war for Ukraine,” Avakov wrote.