20 January 2018, Saturday, 7:42

Heavy shower destroyed road and flooded two shop floors of Grodno Azot

The road surface in 17th of September Street in central Hrodna caved in because of heavy rain.

The accident took place near the Haradnichanka River. Communication lines cropped out. Now traffic in the street is stopped, reconstruction work is underway. According to different reports, road surface of other streets is partially destroyed as well, the pavement in Astrouski Street was affercted, BelTA informs.

As a result of flooding of a pump house, work of two Grodno Azot workshops (ammonia-4 and carbamide-4) has been suspended. The water is being pumped out. Besides, 38 private houses (up to 0.3 m), basement levels of 7 public buildings in Leninski and Kastrychnitski districts are flooded. Because of churly blasts when the storm front was passing, drain covers in the streets were broken, trees were fallen into the traffic area. In Yanka Kupala Avenue trees crashed 3 passenger cars.

10 special vehicles of the emergency service and 9 vehiles of other agencies were used, about 50 rescuers and employees of other organisations were involved for relief measures after the flooding.

No one was injured, functioning of vital infrastructure was not interrupted.

About a half of average monthly amount of rain was observed in Hrodna in the night from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.