20 January 2018, Saturday, 2:01

Belarus’ alcohol deliveries to Ukraine grew eightfold


In January – May 2014 Belarus increased export of strong alcoholic beverages to Ukraine to 8 times.

The official statistics shows that, BelaPAN informs.

Export has made 10.35 mln dollars as compared to 1.3 mln in January – May 2013. Deliveries of hard liquor expressed in physical terms have grown 8.6 – fold (2.2 mln litres as compared with 255.6 thousand calculates as 100% spirit).

In spring 2014 due to a conflict of shareholders Nemiroff plant in Vinnitsa region didn’t work. Local press informed that because of that its products were substituted by Nemiroff vodka packed in Belarus. In April the factory in Vinnitsa region resumed its work. In this connection it is expected that demand for Belarusian supplies to Ukrainian market will decrease.

In January-May 2014 the total volume of Belarusian export to Ukraine was 1.68 billion dollars. It is by 2.9% less than in the same period of the last year. It results from the reduced deliveries to Crimea, where the situation remains tense because of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

The main goods sold in the Ukrainian market by Belarus are oil products. In January-May 2014 almost 80% of Belarusian export to Ukraine accounts for motor fuel.