20 January 2018, Saturday, 6:14

Belarusians encouraged to prepare for partisan war with Russia


In apartment houses in Minsk leaflets get disseminated, which urge to prepare for a partisan war with Russia.

For several weeks Minsk residents have been getting small leaflets in their mailboxes with a call to get prepared for a war. There are several kinds of leaflets being disseminated.

The one that the Belarusian Partisan is in possession of, is titled ‘For Ukraine and for Belarus’. This is the text of one of the speeches of the CChP-BPF’s leader Zianon Pazniak.

“We should not be afraid of Moscow’s imperial threats. Fascism must be defeated. That is why us, Belarusians, should already start preparing for defense from Russian aggression, taking into account the experience of Ukraine, and avoid Ukraine’s mistakes”, - the text reads. Pazniak urges Belarusians to unite into small groups of 2-3 people, look for weapons and prepare for resistance.

The leaflet says that the Russia-Ukraine war is also a Belarusian war. It decides the fate of not free Ukraine alone, but also Belarus. Pazniak encourages Belarusians to help Ukrainians and volunteer as members of the fighting battalions.

The leaflet ends with an urge to read it and pass on to other people around you. It is unknown, who disseminates the leaflets.