16 January 2018, Tuesday, 12:47

Know-how from Slonim region executive committee: picket route


A member of Slonim affiliate of the BChD party Ivan Biadko applied to Slonim region executive committee for holding an anti-alcohol picket.

The picket was supposed to bring popular attention to the problems of excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco in the Slonim area.

Ivan Biadko received the response, signed by the chairman of Slonim region executive committee Aleh Tarhonski, which said that he was denied holding the picket, because “the information was absent about the source of funding of the event, as well as was not established the route of the manifestation”, “Hrodna Spring” reports.

It turns out that in order to hold a picket, you have to state in the application, who funds the picket as well as declare “the picket’s route”. Probably, they do not understand at Slonim region executive committee what a picket, or a meeting, or a procession is, and how they are different from one another. But this ignorance did not let the members of the Slonim union of democratic forces hold yet another of their events. Slonim civic activists have been receiving such negative responses from Slonim region executive committee for about 10 years already.