18 December 2018, Tuesday, 19:05
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Belarus hopes to resolve trade disputes with Ukraine


Belarus hopes to resolve trade disputes with Ukraine through direct dialogue.

Belarus does not agree with the rationale behind the decision of the Ukrainian interagency commission for international trade to impose a special import duty on certain goods from Belarus and expects to settle the existing differences through a direct dialogue, Spokesman for the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Mironchik said commenting on the decision of the Ukrainian interagency commission for international trade.

"We have taken note of this decision by our Ukrainian partners. We cannot agree with the motivation because Belarus did not take any steps targeting Ukraine. Neither do we agree with the interpretation of our steps as "unfriendly", the spokesman said.

"Import licensing introduced in Belarus, that caused such a negative reaction in Ukraine, applies to an indefinite number of countries, not exclusively Ukraine, as somebody wants to present it. Moreover, it also fully fits into the format of international trade: the licensing mechanism has been imposed for six months only. Licensing does not, in any way, mean prohibition or quotas, but only some regulation of the market," said Dmitry Mironchik.

"In turn, Ukrainian partners are going to impose duties to the amount of 55-60% exclusively on Belarusian goods and for the period up to 31 December 2016," said the representative of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.

“We hope that the time left before the decision of the interagency commission for international trade comes into force will be used for the settlement of the disputes through a direct dialogue. In the near future Minsk is expected to host consultations with Ukrainian experts,” Dmitry Mironchik said.

As was reported earlier, the interagency commission for international trade of Ukraine adopted a decision to impose a special duty on the import of certain goods from Belarus. It, in particular, will be applied to Belarusian confectionery, dairy products, electric bulbs, fertilizers and refrigerators.

The special duty to the amount of 55.29% of the customs value will be applied since the date of enforcement of the decision of the commission (it shall enter into force 10 days from the date of publication of the communication) and will continue through 31 December 2016 (inclusive).

In addition, Ukraine has decided to apply a special duty on the import of Belarusian tires, malt beer, and spare parts for refrigerating equipment. Its size is 60.05% of the customs value of the goods. The period of application of this special duty is similar to the one mentioned above.

Thus, Ukraine is "responding to the discriminatory and hostile actions" of the Republic of Belarus regarding the Ukrainian confectionery, malt beer and soft drinks, reads the communication from Ukraine. As was reported, on 1 June Belarus introduced licensing of imports of confectionery products and raw materials from outside the Customs Union. This is a temporary measure that will be in force until 30 November 2014. Imported beer will also be subject to licensing from 1 May to 31 October this year.