18 December 2018, Tuesday, 19:08
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Doctors in hospital speak Belarusian to Autukhovich


A former political prisoner, a businessman from Vaukavysk is in military hospital in Minsk.

As charter97.org website informed before, Mikalai Autukhovich won permission from Vaukavysk police to visit Minsk for medical examination.

A reporter of Radio Svaboda met with the businessman and learnt about his plans to restore business and to continue his struggle with corruptionists in Hrodna region.

“As soon as I was released, officials from tax inspection who were involved in my criminal case, asked for guards, and now they walk around accompanied by “tough guys.” That’s how they fear that I might bring their deeds out into the open! And why the state spends money on that, instead of taking a close look at the facts, which are known to everyone in our town? I think the state should support those who combat corruption, and not on the contrary,” Mikalai Autukhovich said.

In the military hospital Mikalai Autukhovich is undergoing a paid examination on a paid basis, as a private citizen. He is still to undergo treatment for many illnesses he acquired over the 5 years of imprisonment in Ivatsevichy colony and Hrodna prison. “And my teeth were made in Hrodna. It cost 46 mln, but it is not so expensive,” the former political prisoner said joyfully, and smiles his white smile. He lost most of his teeth in prison, and he has to mince food with a blender. Another result of the prison is stomach problems, several ulcers. “I am going to treat stomach in Vitsebsk hospital in autumn, we have an agreement,” Mikalai Autukhovich said.

In the pharmacy of the military hospital Autukhovich bought an ampule with a drug for injection. The former political prisoner has joint pain in his right arm. “I need a blockade to be done,” Autukhovich told to the pharmacist in Belarusian. She was interested where Autukhovich comes from: “You speak like my relatives from Canada. When they come here, they speak Belarusian,” the pharmacist noted. Later Mikalai Autukhovich told that there are doctors in the military hospital, who speak in Belarusian to him, and who take great care of him.