17 January 2018, Wednesday, 10:16

Barack Obama: Even in midst of crisis Ukraine has made remarkable progress


President of the USA is convinced that Ukraine has reached significant progress in the recent months, particularly in the reform process.

The American leader emphasized that Washington will continue to offer strong support to Ukraine to help stabilize its economy and defend its territorial integrity. The message comes from the Facebook page of the USA embassy in Ukraine, Ukrinform reports.

“We are going to continue to stand with the Ukrainian people as they seek to determine their own future. Even in the midst of this crisis, they have made remarkable progress these past few months. They held democratic elections, they elected a new president, they're pursuing important #reforms, and they signed a new association agreement with the European Union”, - Obama said.

According to him, “the United States will continue to offer our strong support to #Ukraine to help stabilize its economy and defend its territorial integrity because - like any people - Ukrainians deserve the right to forge their own destiny”.

We would remind that on Wednesday the USA has introduced new sanctions, which will affect a number of key enterprises in Russian economy, because Moscow has not made enough in order to end the crisis in Ukraine’s east.