9 February 2023, Thursday, 8:47
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Boris Nemtsov: Downing of Boeing in Donetsk area is terroristic act of 9/11 scale

Boris Nemtsov: Downing of Boeing in Donetsk area is terroristic act of 9/11 scale

The only way out for Putin is to destroy the terrorists in the east of Ukraine himself.

Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov compared the shooting down of the commercial Boeing 777 in the Donetsk region to the terroristic acts of 11 September 2001 in the USA. This follows from his Facebook post.

“The crash of the Malaysian plane in the skies above Donetsk is a terroristic act of the 9/11 scale. This is hell. My condolences to the families of the victims. The bastards, who did this, must be destroyed. The separatists the other day bragged they had the Buk missiles, with which they wanted to take down an AN-26. If those are them, they must get no mercy”, - he wrote.

Later Nemtsov reported that the Kremlin media were no longer capable of concealing the truth about who took down the commercial jet.

“The picture is clear. The Donetsk terrorist took the Malaysian Boeing for an AN-26 of Ukraine’s Armed Forces and murdered 295 citizens from all over the world, including 80 children. Putin and his despicable and lying media may lie all they want, but they will have to answer. The only chance for Putin to come off unhurt in this situation is to destroy the terrorists himself. It is just that he is incapable of that”, - Nemtsov wrote.

The politician noted that already in the morning the rhetoric of the Russian media changed.

“The Putin media willingly report that the plane was taken down my a surface-to-air missile, that the separatists had Buks and that their range it not 6 km, but 20 km! This means that Putin decided to definitively get rid of Girkin in order not to have a direct link to the terroristic act. Only one question remains – where did the launch take place? From the territory of Russia or Ukraine?” – he asks.