19 January 2018, Friday, 10:26

Petro Poroshenko: World has seen aggressor’s true face


The terroristic act in Donbas brings the problem of conflict settlement in eastern Ukraine to the international level.

Petro Poroshenko pointed that out in his address on the occasion of the crash of the Malaysia Airlines place.

“External aggression against Ukraine is not solely our problem, this is a threat to European and global security. Overcoming it requires joint efforts, - Poroshenko said. – After effective operations of the Ukrainian army the mercenaries and their “big brother” more and more often and impertinently resort to undisguised military actions against our country”.

According to him, fire comes to the Ukrainian territory from the territory of the neighboring state, planes get shot down, professional personnel and modern military equipment delivered.

“The hybrid war acquires irrefutable attributes of external aggression”, - Poroshenko said.

At the same time, according to him, throughout recent weeks “the territory under the control of terrorists, bandits, foreign mercenaries reduced by over two times”.

“Today the whole world has seen the true face of the aggressor, for shooting down a civilian plane is an act of international terrorism, directed against the whole world”, - Poroshenko noted.