20 January 2018, Saturday, 14:23

Andrey Illarionov: Putin to use Boeing crash to attack Ukraine


Russian propagandists, who were at a loss yesterday, today have been given clear instructions.

A former advisor to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin in his comments gordonua.com news outlet noted that after the crash of Malaysian aircraft in Donetsk region of Ukraine, Russia is only to harden its position in the conflict.

Andrey Illarionov believes that Russian president had prescribed a clear line of action for his mass media: to insist it was Ukraine who was responsible for the incident.

“Putin won’t give ground, it is guaranteed he is to harden his line. Yesterday’s comments have clearly demonstrated that. Even before the crash of the plane he gave a harsh evaluation to the sanctions, and as far as the terrorist attack itself is concerned, he directly accused the Ukrainian side of committing it. By that he has sent a very powerful and important signal to the entire propaganda machine, which was confused in the first hours, and published several differing stories, and even the stories that cancel each other, simultaneously. And Putin has given a clear instruction it was Ukraine which is responsible for the events,” Illarionov noted.

“Putin will not just view this situation as the one which is a weakening factor, on the contrary, he will try to turn it around to make an object for a new attack against Ukraine,” Putin’s former advisor added.

“It appears that the key evidentiary foundation that it had been done by nobody but Russian military, left the territory of Ukraine yesterday. At least, we saw the footage as one of Buk systems was urgently leaving the territory of Ukraine and goes to Russia. Was it the same vehicle is unknown, but it is known for sure that such redeployment took place,” Andrey Illarionov concluded.

The expert noted that in case the Ukrainian side would not be able to prove that the missile was fired from the territory of Russia, the conflict might move to a new level.

Judging by the statements of Ukrainian authorities, there is an impression that after making sure that terrorists had not seized anti-aircraft systems from Ukrainian storehouses before, Ukrainian investigation agencies have a prevailing story that the missile had not been fired from the territory controlled by separatists, but from the territory of Russia. If the Ukrainian authorities prove that successfully, the conflict can move to a new qualitative level. There is a great burden on the Ukrainian authorities now, and you possess the keys of this story,” Illarionov concluded.