17 January 2018, Wednesday, 20:55

Prakapovich: Discipline first


The secret of prosperous countries lies in discipline, Vice Premiere of Belarus believes.

“If all enterprises worked like our best-practice ones, we would be at least in the top thirty of the richest countries of the world,” Vice Premier Pyotr Prakapovich said at the opening ceremony of the renewed republican Recognition board, summing up the results of the year 2013.

“In keeping with the objective set by the head of state for this and subsequent years, we have a mission to carry out economic modernization, which, along with keeping the industry abreast forefront achievements in management of enterprises, in view of increased competitiveness, is to guarantee effective work not only of certain enterprises, but of the economy in general,” Prakapovich stressed.

“Resolving this problem does not demand additional financing, but it demands additional team spirit and discipline. At many Belarusian enterprises the main thing is absent: there is no labour and technological discipline. Our goods lose their competitive edge because of that,” Vice Premier said.