24 January 2018, Wednesday, 1:02

UK seeks to impose EU sanctions on Russia's defence sector


London calls for sanctions against the Russian defence sector.

Bloomberg says it citing a source close to the UK prime minister, Censor.net reports.

British PM David Cameron wants the export of Russian weapons to the EU to be blocked. The British government also calls for sanctions against individuals and companies who are either materially supporting separatists in Ukraine's east or supporting the Russian government.

Cameron spoke to Vladimir Putin on the phone yesterday and said Russia's support for militants had “contributed to an appalling tragedy”. The British PM warned Putin to “change course and work to bring stability to eastern Ukraine”.

London's intention to slap additional sanctions on Moscow is explained, in particular, by the fact that the Malaysian plane that crashed in the Donetsk region on July 17 had 10 British citizens on board.

UK PM David Cameron said earlier tougher sanctions should be imposed on Russia if Moscow does not change its approach to the situation of the plane crash. “If president Putin does not change his approach on Ukraine, then Europe and the West must fundamentally change our approach to Russia,” Cameron said.