19 January 2018, Friday, 22:24

Entrepreneur from Baranavichy retaliated for strike


The sentenced the activist of the movement of entrepreneurs Mikalai Charnavus to a fine of 30 basic units (Br4.5 mln).

Such a decision was adopted by judge Yauhen Brehan, BelaPAN informs.

We remind that on July 1 about 300 sole traders who trade in shopping centres and marketplaces od Baranavichy, suspended their work as a protest against presidential Decree #222, which makes their work considerably harder.

People gathered in the central cooperative market of the town, and then they went to the town executive committee to discuss the problems related to the decree’s coming into force. At the town executive committee they were told no one of highest officials was present, however the individual entrepreneurs managed to enter the assembly hall. They held a meeting there, and adopted a resolution based upon the results of the meeting. It was addressed to Lukashenka.

Mikalai Charnavus (Nikolai Chernous) was detained on July 2 after the visit to Baranavichy town executive committee. He was taken to the town police department. There a report was drawn up against him on charges relating violation of Article 23.34 Part 3 of the Administrative Code for holding an unsanctioned rally in the town market and in the building of the town executive committee on July 1.

At the police department Charnavus, who is a disabled person of II group, was taken bad. He asked for medical assistance many times, but his requests were ignored. After the report was drawn up, the businessman was placed to a remand prison, where his blood pressure rose suddenly. An ambulance arrived and took him to a hospital.

Next day a policeman visited the businessman in the hospital. He offered Charnavus to sign a paper according to which he agreed that a trial in absentia would be held over him on July 7. The sole trader refused, and as a result the trial was scheduled for July 21.

The session of the court started at 9.30 a.m. Charnavus challenged the judge saying he didn’t trust him, however his challenge was declined. In the course of judicial proceedings a video recording was watched. The businessman was communicating with sole traders there, urging them to create an initiative group for negotiations with local authorities. At the same time, Charnavus noted that the video footage was presented without “required protocols.” Soon a recess was announced at court.

After the proceedings resumed, according to Charnavus, the court questioned the director of the central cooperative market of Baranavichy as a witness.

“His evidence didn’t contradict mine, and everything demonstrated that I had not been an organiser of that event, as I was accused. But the decision of the judge was the other way other way round,” the businessman said.

After receiving the statement of reasons, Mikalai Charnavus plans to appeal against the fine.