19 January 2018, Friday, 14:26

Terrible incident with drug addicts in Homel


The police are figuring out how the eyes of a 21-year-old spice user were cut out.

“The police received a call on the emergency number 102 at around 23:00 on July 21 reporting about disorderly conduct in Dakutovich Street ( a district of private houses) in Homel. According to a man on the phone line, two naked men were running up and down in the yard of the neighbouring house and making noise,” Interfax-West learnt from the Interior Ministry on Tuesday.

“A investigative team of the Chyhunachny district police department and riot police officers were urgently sent to the site. A young man (born in 1991) was found in a room. Both his eyes were cut out. His nose, cheek and ears were seriously cut by a sharp object,” the ministry said.

“His two friends (born in 1985 and 1993) were lying on the bed. Their behaviour was classified by the police as clearly inadequate,” the ministry adds.

“An ambulance was called for the man. He was taken to the nearest hospital. His friends for taken to a police station. According to preliminary information, the friends met at around 19:00 earlier that day. They decided to have fun at home of one of them. They bought smoking blend 'Spice' and probably used it,” the police report.

“Investigators are figuring out the details of the incident. A criminal case (part 2 of article 147 of the Criminal Code) was opened over causing grievous bodily harm,” the Interior Ministry says.