19 January 2018, Friday, 10:24

MTW workers told about growth in prices


At the control post of the Minsk Tractor Works information bulletins were handed out with a demand to stop the price growth in the country.

The leader of the United Civic Party Anatol Labiedzka and the head of the Just World party Siarhiej Kalakin handed out 250 copies of the Tovarishch newspaper and 350 copies of the UCP Voice of Reason information bulletin, containing articles on the topic.

“It is important that people took the newspapers not only for themselves, but also for neighbors. People are interested in these topics: price growth, drop in living standards. That is why it is very important to spread the truthful information on the problem”, - Kalakin claimed to BelaPAN. According to him, people are interested in alternative information. “It is possible to hand out several thousand copies in an hour. But we live in a market economy: money is needed for everything, while the state does everything so we could not sell the newspaper. People in our party make donations for the newspaper to be published. We hand out a part of the circulation. But the demand is well above our supply. Why do we hand out so few? It is the lack of resources”, - Kalakin said.

Labiedzka said that the event went positively. “People took several copies, told they would put those in the neighbors’ mail boxes. There is demand for information. At the same time it was not the internet audience, who were taking the bulletin. I think, a practicing politician must go to control posts of plant”, - he said. To the question, why the opposition, his party’s activists rarely hand out information materials, Labiedzka pointed out: “I have a principle: before sending my troops to the frontline, the commander must make the way first. We have behind us certain fears and risks of the municipal elections campaign of this year, when even candidates for the office were detained. On the part of the authorities it was a play beyond any rules. We used to put information materials in mail boxes before too. Now we come out in the streets. It was important to see, how possible it was to approach the people now. The facial expressions, looks of the people, their phrases provide a lot of feedback. We must go to plants’ control posts, but much depends on having bulletins to spread, including funds for their production”.