19 January 2018, Friday, 6:31

BCD demands to turn off Russian propaganda


The Belarusian Christian Democracy party demands to stop broadcasting Russian Channel One, NTV, Russia 1 and Ren-TV in Belarus.

Charter97.org has learnt it from the press service of the Belarusian Chirstian Democracy party (BCD).

“Russian media are no longer considered to be media. They are tools of mass disinformation and propaganda. Their news are not only clearly biased, but also false. Their aim is to excuse Russia's aggression against Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. Many Belarusian people believe this lie.

The experience of Russia's information war against Ukraine can be used against Belarus at any moment. It is already used on a number of anti-Belarusian and “West-Russian” websites. It can be used on television tomorrow to excuse Russia's territorial, political and economical claims to Belarus.

In this regard, the Belarusian Christian Democracy party calls to stop broadcasting in Belarus Russian Channel One, NTV, Russia 1, Ren-TV and their censored versions aired in Belarus. Instead, we propose to include Ukrainian TV channels, Belarusian Belsat and Russian Dozhd in cable packages,” the BCD says.