22 January 2018, Monday, 5:13

Ticket inspectors at Minsk bus station extort money from passengers


Ticket inspectors in Minsk use illegal methods to get money from passengers of international buses.

As charter97.org has learnt, a conflict between a ticket inspector and passengers took place at the central bus station in Minsk. Human rights activist from Zhodzina Aliaksei Lapitski became a witness of illegal actions by a ticket inspector, who demanded to pay for personal belongings in the passenger compartment.

“It was calm after a conflict with passengers of international buses at Minsk's central bus station. Even bus inspectors were replaced. But the situation escalated again. This time, the illegal actions were committed by the ticket inspector, who earlier worked properly. Opportunities of illegal income (from extortions) and absence of complaints to relative agencies seem to return the illegal luggage business,” the human rights activist says.

Passengers understand that ticket inspectors simply try to rob them and take their luggage into the passenger compartment. The luggage compartment remains half-empty till Ashmiany, a station close to the border. Passengers then return their bags to the luggage compartment, where they should be. Ticket inspectors, who don't enjoy the reduction of their additional income, demand passengers to pay for their bags.

Tastiana Sukhapravava became involved in the conflict. The bus inspector demanded extra pay for the luggage. She said it was an order from the bus station officials. According to the human rights activist, the order does not have legal force. Moreover, absence of a portable cash register makes the actions of the ticket inspector illegal.

“Such an attitude towards tourists doesn't make Minsk better. The authorities of Minsk bus fleet No. 6 continue to illegally extort money from passengers who travel with luggage. You cannot find anything like that in any country of the world,” Aliaksei Lapitski said.