20 January 2018, Saturday, 18:28

Kurapaty defenders: You cannot be friends with a terrorist state


The activists believe that if not stopped now, it could result in a new “Kurapaty”.

They told about that to charter97.org website.

About two dozens of volunteers tidied up the people’s memorial. For the second year a group of activists comes to Kurapaty in a period from spring to autumn once a week, or even more often, to clean the places of mass burial of Stalin genocide’s victims of bushes and trash.

Different people are united by one idea – the memorial should be saved of vandals, the authorities and their friends-businessmen. It should be done as a sign of respect to our ancestors and for commemoration. They say that they do not want such crimes to repeat in Belarus.

“Now we are on the threshold of a terrible war. And if Putin is not stopped now, the whole world is to find itself in deplorable situation. Why am I saying that here? A person, who calls himself a president of Belarus, now is following the path which leads to an abyss. And if he continues to support Russia and listen to Russia, we are to have more than one “Kurapaty” more. One cannot be a friend of a terrorist state,” says a public activist and volunteer Hanna Shaputska.

“While we are staying in this sacred place of Belarusian suffering, and from here we want to voice support our brothers Ukrainians, who are fighting against Stalinist and imperial descendants, who want to tie people in stalls. They want to destroy the national conscience, national culture, national history. We wish you victory, our brothers! Be courageous! I pray to God for the nation of Ukraine to become united core, which cannot be overcome by those evil forces which are ruled by Putin, the number one murderer of the world,” said an activist of “Razam” movement Ales Makaeu.

Just a few days ago a mass burial place was found in the Ukrainian settlement of Slovyansk, liberated from pro-Russian separatists and Russian terrorists, who tortured and killed hostages, local representatives of authorities and civilians. Occupiers shoot down transport and passenger helicopters and planes in Ukraine.

Today occupiers’ flags, symbols and slogans are freely propagandized and promoted, deceitful Russian propaganda is trumpeting at all TV channels – and it was the beginning of occupation in Ukraine and hybrid war in its South and East. that is why some volunteers voice support to Ukraine and say about zero cooperation, or moreover, merger with the terroristic state, the occupier state.