22 January 2018, Monday, 1:39

Stores to hide imported goods?


Belarusian stores will have to give the best places on shelves to domestic products.

The new law “On state regulation of retail and food service facilities in the Republic of Belarus”, which provides for a large range of Belarusian goods at the country's stores, waits for being approved by the Ministry of Justice, BelTA cites minister of trade Valiantsin Chakanau as saying at a press conference today.

According to the minister, the law “was worked out to give opportunities to a customer to find high-quality products at available prices that he or she needs – milk, bread, cabbage, sausages, meat,” the minister said.

The current item list is recommended for the stores. It will become mandatory after the law takes force. “Directors of stores and chain stores will have to have on sale all Belarusian products mentioned in the list. There won't be a ban on selling any amount of imported goods,” Valiantsin Chakanau stressed.

“A total share of domestic goods on sale is more than 70%,” the minister added. “We do not need any bans [on imported goods] with such a share.”

Belarusian goods should be displayed attractively at stores. “Domestic products should have priority over imported goods. It is not just a recommendation. Domestic goods are as good as imported ones and cost lower. Why should we hide them?” Valiantsin Chakanau noted.