20 January 2018, Saturday, 21:59

Distributors of Russian flags beaten up dweller of Brest (Video)

A visitor of charter97.org called out police to the incident with violators in Brest, and was beaten for that.

A few days ago a visitor of charter97.org website Valery sent a message about Russian flags handed out in roads of Brest.

As asked him to try to make pictures or video recording and call out police. And the result was not slow to arrive. Today we have received a new message from him through our official Vkontakte page: in the same place at the crossing of Maskouskaya Street in the CMT district in Brest, deaf and mute handed out flags of the neighbouring state again.

Our reader has made several videos, and it is clearly visible there how the unknown talk to each other without sign language. As it turned out later, policemen said again those people are deaf and mute.

And a real thriller happened after that. The reader tried to detain “businessmen” with flags independently; however he was hit in a jaw by one of them for that. But the violator could not run away still. Valery clasped his backpack. Then policemen arrived, and the dweller of Brest gave the detained distributor of flags in charge of police. He wrote about that to our journalist right from the scene of the incident, while he was in the police car with the detained unknown.

“I was grasping his backpack and holding him until the police arrival,” Valery said. “First I made video footage from a distance, then I called in police to the scene. I was questioned. I hope that these flags vendors won’t emerge in our streets again.”

Policemen said that the name of the detained man was Nikolai Alekseevich Semen, born in 1987. Now he is transported to a police department.

We remind that handing out Russian national symbols on the territory of Belarus, (mostly for money) have been recorded many times by dwellers of Babrujsk, Hrodna, Vitsebsk, Homel, Orsha, Polatsk, Baranavichy. Flags are handed out by pro-Russian organisations, which work in Belarus.