17 January 2018, Wednesday, 2:07

Sectoral sanctions against Russia may be imposed by end of July


German diplomats think the transition to stage three of sanctions should follow seamlessly.

The German government thinks the EU can impose sectoral sanctions on Russia by the end of July if Moscow does not acts quickly to defuse the crisis in eastern Ukraine, Reuters learnt from an EU source.

German officials in Brussels have also briefed that Berlin favours a time limit on how long new Russian sanctions should last to provide an opportunity for relations to return to normal, Reuters cites the source.

EU ambassadors are expected to discuss for the first time on Thursday imposing sectoral sanctions on Russia, known as "stage three" of sanctions.

German officials said "the transition to stage three of sanctions should follow seamlessly and can be expected by the end of the month," the source told Reuters.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently supported the EU's readiness to speed up the process of applying further sanctions against Russia.

According to EUobserver, the European Union discusses three options of stage three sanctions against Russia, including a ban on Russian oil and gas imports.